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The bathroom is a sacred place for many men and women. If your home has a less than ideal bathtub to retreat into and rinse away the stress of the day, it is fit for a bathtroom renovation. With the right inspiration and execution, even the ugliest bathtub can become the paradise of your dreams.

A bathtub replacement is just one small element of a bathroom upgrade. While a DIY route is possible, the expertise and efficient bathtub remodeling companies like Oasis Builders provide is worth the investment. If you have a bathroom remodeling project underway in your Los Angeles home, allow Oasis Builders to help you bring your inspiration to life and create the bathroom of your dreams.

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Elements Of A Bathtub Remodel 

It’s important to remember that a bathtub replacement is not a complete bathroom renovation. Instead, you are only focusing on one of the largest elements in the bathroom. Since the main focus is on the bathtub, the process can be as simple as complex as you desire. 

  • Built in bathtubs typically receive a bath fitter or bathtub liners to bring new life to an otherwise boring space. Made of acrylic or PVC, this is an efficient and economical approach to create a new look for the tub. 
  • Those with an old claw foot tub can update accessories on the tub, such as the feet, or completely repaint the tub to create design accents that work with the bathroom’s style. 
  • Tile is a great option for adding a fun element to a bathtub that previously did not have anything going for it. Tiles can be placed on the wall or in the tub to create a 1970’s chic vibe. The tile will give a custom look to a tub and make anyone think you had a 1970s inspiration for the space. 
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When to remodel

It is possible to avoid a total bathtub replacement installation process in most cases. So long as the tub is functional and does not have any cracks or structural damage, the tub can be refinished. Refinishing the tub requires bathtub remodeling companies to mix acrylic and paint together to create a waterproof surface for your tub. This process can be done with DIY kits, but they do not have the same crisp, clean finish. It is important to keep in mind that the fumes from refinishing a tub are incredibly toxic, which is why it is best to leave this process to a remodeling company.

In the event that a tub is too rusted or too damaged structurally, the entire tub will need to be replaced. While this is often the expensive option for a bathroom remodel, it can be the most exciting. A new, modern tub allows you to have more control of your home remodeling project and create a space that is truly your own.

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Client Testimonial Michelle M
Michelle M.
Bathroom remodeling

Master Bathroom Remodel, Studio City

Our Project Manager was Neev Kugel and he was absolutely phenomenal to work with. We couldn't be happier. So recently we decided to do a total remodel on our stairs too, so of course we called Neev. Once again, he was excellent to work with. Our stairs were done beautifully and as always the customer service and quality of work were all at the highest level. Just like our master bathroom remodel, our Project Manager Neev Kugel was always on top of the project from start to finish. We have received so many compliments on our new stairs. Thank you Neev!
Kitchen remodel Client Testimonial Milana L.
Milana L.
General Remodeling

General Remodeling, Manhattan Beach

Thank you guys for your awesome work! I was very stressed over starting a renovation in my home. I needed a lot of work in my kitchen and bathroom. I reviewed 8 teams before I found Oasis and none of them provided clear information and had patience to walk me through the process of how things were getting done and I almost did not want to proceed. My neighbor recommended to check these guys out because I loved what they did to her bathroom. They provided design layouts to select, material options, and went through the process of how things would go. Once I met with Neev, it was very easy to understand how things would go. Neev showed me more samples of his work and guided me through process step by step. The team would clean up after themselves and Neev was super cool to take my calls when I had detailed questions.I appreciate the service and definitely will recommend Oasis Builders to anyone who needs work done to their home.
Alexis Kavazanijan
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