Luxury Bathrooms

Revamp Your Bathroom with a Luxury Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom-is typically one of the smallest rooms in the house but undoubtedly one of the most important. Did you know that luxury bathrooms can actually elevate the value of a home substantially? Property owners enjoy a certain level of decadence when it comes to their most intimate spaces.

Trust Your Luxury Bathroom Remodels to the Best Bathroom Contractors in Los Angeles

Not all construction companies have the insight to create designer bathrooms with luxurious appeal. When you want to create luxury bathrooms in your home, be sure to entrust the task to qualified professionals. At Oasis Builders, we take bathroom makeovers seriously. Our years of industry experience in Los Angeles have granted us the insight to bring your dreams of having a luxurious bathroom to life. Reach out to us today to discuss your project ideas.

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What Do Luxury Bathroom Remodels in Los Angeles Look Like?

Luxury bathroom remodels can actually recoup around 60 percent of the investment costs when your home sells. 
Let’s take a closer look at what elements tend to get a makeover when clients come to Oasis Builders to achieve more luxurious bathrooms.

Luxury Bathrooms Involve High-End Bathroom Fixtures

A bathroom with luxury status always has the most upscale fixtures. From the walk-in shower to the unique faucets, every implement will boast a high-end appeal. A few fixtures that can immediately up the luxury value of your bathroom include:

  • A freestanding tub, such as a clawfoot tub poised in an attractive way
  • A twin vanity with dual sinks or contemporary wash basins
  • A spa-style walk-in shower

Luxury bathrooms in Los Angeles usually get outfitted with high-end fixtures that are specifically designed for optimal functionality, design, and comfort. Therefore, a high-end bathroom remodel often starts with selecting some of the best fixtures for the space.

Luxury Bathrooms Enhance Focal Points Which Make an Impression

If you want to achieve spa-style bathroom decadence, you want to create an attractive space that welcomes you in. How does that happen? By selecting features that act as attractive focal points in the space. Look at the points of the bathroom that take up the most visual space, such as the vanity, the bathroom flooring, or even the tile on the walls.

For example, combining dark wooden cabinetry with a white marble countertop can make for an excellent focal point. Likewise, adding the right pendant lighting or chandelier can create a point in the space that attracts your attention.

Luxurious Bathrooms Offer Upscale Bathroom Accessories and Features

A luxury bathroom is going to be superior when it comes to functionality. Integrating features like storage organization closets, adjustable mood lighting, and rainfall shower heads can heighten the usage value of the space.

Luxury bathrooms can offer numerous upscale accessories, right down to heated towel racks and a bidet, if that is what the homeowner wants to incorporate. In addition, luxury bathroom designs in Los Angeles often offer features you would expect to see in a top hotel bathroom, such as steam-free mirrors, frameless shower doors, and more.