Small Bathrooms

Ideas for Completing Small Bathroom Remodels

Despite the limited space, it’s possible to make a big splash with small bathroom remodels. You just have to select the right design, materials, and features to visually expand the space and add a whole lot of character. Need some ideas to help you get started on your small bathroom remodeling project? Simply use this guide to ensure your small bathroom makeovers turn out just right.

What to Expect During Small Bathroom Makeovers in Los Angeles

Small bathroom remodels start with the design process and end with all the finishing touches. But what happens in-between? Here is a look at the steps your contractor will follow:

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1. Order all the materials, including the flooring and custom countertops
2. Removal of all the old fixtures, materials, and other elements
3. Install all the needed plumbing and electrical
4. Complete the drywall installation and apply the paint
5. Do the shower install and put in the flooring
6. Put in the vanity, sink, toilet, and other features
7. Install all the light and plumbing fixtures
After all the installation steps are complete, your small bathrooms will look just like you envisioned. Your Los Angeles contractors will have you do a final inspection to confirm that the results meet your expectations.
If you want to get the best results for your small bathroom remodels, be sure to hire pros by partnering with Oasis Builders in Los Angeles. As your general contractor of choice, we will handle every phase of the bathroom remodeling process to bring your vision to life. We will help you pin down your perfect design, select materials, complete the plumbing work, and so much more.

Top Features for Small Bathroom Renovations

When working with small bathrooms, there’s only so much you can add to improve its style and function. Otherwise, you risk overwhelming the space with small bathroom upgrades.

Thankfully, there are some surefire elements that work great for small bathroom remodels, such as:

  • Simple sliding pocket door
  • Curved corner vanity with ceramic tile
  • Clear glass shower with a bench seat
  • Wall hooks with swiveling prongs
  • Storage under custom countertops
  • Floating shelves with towel racks
  • Reflective surfaces on the ceiling
  • Vanity to ceiling length mirror

Contractors experienced in small bathroom remodels can help you select the features that will work best in the space.

Tips for Making Small Bathrooms Look Spacious

When you remodel small bathroom spaces, the finishes you use matter as well. Both light or dark paint tones, ceramic tile, and flooring can visually expand the space, as long as they are used consistently. Also, plan to work in contrasting hues, like small splashes of color, while remodeling small bathroom spaces.

To find your perfect color scheme and accents, ask to see past small bathroom remodels completed by your contractor. As you browse through those examples, you are sure to find inspiration for all the small bathrooms in your house.