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Bathroom Vanity Remodel or Replacement in Los Angeles

The right bathroom vanity can make or break a bathroom design. The modern-day bathroom vanities available are built to add the perfect combination of function and flair. Your bathroom vanity remodel in Los Angeles could easily give your bathroom an entirely new personality.

Bathroom vanities come in an array of types, such as pedestal style, wall-mounted, freestanding, and cabinet style. Every bathroom vanity has its own advantages for certain types of spaces. For instance, a pedestal sink works great in a small half bath without a lot of floor space, but a cabinet-style vanity with cabinets and drawers offers excellent storage potential if you have a larger bathroom.

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Once you have chosen the type of vanity you want for your bathroom vanity remodel, you will also need to install a vanity top or install a vanity sink. A vanity top can be solid-surfaced like a countertop with an opening for a drop-in sink or a designated spot for a vessel sink. Tops for bathroom vanities can be made from natural stone like granite and marble but can also be crafted of treated wood, ceramic, and other materials.

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Installing bathroom vanity units in your bathroom is not a DIY project. If you are looking for bathroom vanity replacement, reach out to us at Oasis Builders in Los Angeles. Our skilled home remodeling experts can help you with bathroom vanity replacement, choosing sinks and tops, and pulling from the top trends in bathroom vanities. Contact us today to discuss bathroom vanity makeover ideas or to schedule a free consultation.

Bathroom Vanities: Common FAQs

Bathroom vanities come in a range of materials, from wood and laminate to marble and particleboard. The best material for your bathroom vanity makeover can depend upon:

  • The style you prefer
  • The level of moisture versus ventilation in the space
  • The weight of the vanity top you choose
  • What accents or elements you wish to have in your vanity

For example, a solid plywood vanity may work great in a large bathroom with excellent ventilation, but it may warp over time under the pressure of a heavyweight marble vanity top with dual vessel sinks.

Is rubberwood good for use as a bathroom vanity? Should you stick with hardwood bathroom vanities? Is pine OK? These are logical questions, and you can find bathroom vanities made out of all these materials. Rubberwood is an awesome wood choice with bathroom vanity remodel: it is resilient to moisture, strong, and resistant to warping. Oak, maple, and other hardwood can fare well, too, as bathroom vanities with a protective coating. Softer woods like pine can break down easier but can work fine with good ventilation and a lightweight topper.