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Roof shingles replacement
Your Guide to Roof Shingle Replacement

Roof replacement sounds like a big project. But if this is why you’ve delayed replacing a roof that’s underperforming, now is the time to take the plunge. In reality, roof shingle replacement is a common home improvement project that many homeowners must eventually address. After all, ignoring a leaky roof not only puts your home at…

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Love Luxury Homes? Achieve Luxury Interior Design on a Budget

All about those luxury homes? Without question, high-end homes can inspire you to make some changes in your own abode. Even if you don’t have room in your budget for a full-on renovation to achieve a luxury interior design, there are some budget-friendly ways to make major impressions. Check out how you can achieve a…

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Best Tile TrendsBest tile trends
Best Tile Trends of 2022

1. Monochrome Cement Tile + Terrazzo Industrial cement has held the steady top position on the list of must-have textures. But we’re excited about how this best tile trend is evolving.   TileBar’s one-of-a-kind collection of intricate cement tiles will enliven any living space. By combining their monochrome cement tiles with time-tested intricate patterns of terrazzo forms, you can…

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Behr Blue painted kitchenInterior Paint
Best Interior Paint Brand of 2022

Have a big interior paint project coming up? Ideally, you’ll want a paint that requires the least amount of coats while providing the best coverage. Cheap paint tends to be thin and watery, which means you’ll spend more time applying additional coats, so it’s not usually worth the few dollars you’ll save in the beginning….

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Planning Permission
What to Consider Before Converting a Garage into a Room

Converting a garage into a room can be a great way to use the space you already have, rather than springing for a more costly addition to the house. We’ll look at why this can be the answer you’re looking for and what it takes to make it happen.  Additional Space for Teens  If you…

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The 10 Most Popular House Styles Explained  

Did you ever wonder what style your house is? While each home has its own character, chances are it falls into one of these popular house styles of the United States. 1. Cape Cod A popular home style in the 1930s, the Cape Cod has a steep roof with horizontal wood siding and hardwood floors….

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Kitchen Design Choices
5 kitchen design choices that will never go out of style

You’re ready to remodel your kitchen, but which elements need saving and which scream for the scrap heap? If your kitchen features any of these classic design elements, consider keeping them around for the long haul. You’ll miss them once they’re gone because they’re timeless and add tons of appeal to the heart of your…

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Finest Examples of Art Deco in Architecture

The Art Deco period reached its height during the ’20s and ’30s, just after World War I. Art and architecture experts widely accept France as its place of origin in the 10’s and teens.  The style is defined by intricate geometric patterns and hard lines, giving it an intricate yet streamlined, industrial aesthetic. While it took some time to catch on,…

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