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Kitchen Remodel Costs
How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel: Cost and Ideas

As nice as it can be to picture the end results without all the messiness in between, a kitchen remodel is a major (sometimes daunting) project. Before you jump in, it helps to know the basics. From the logistics to the budget to the layout, learn more about how to plan for it all. Renovation…

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Kitchen Backsplash Design Trends
Top Trends in Kitchen Backsplash Design for 2023

Top Trends in Kitchen Backsplash Design for 2023 It’s 2021, the year for kitchen tile ideas that reach the moon and back. Regardless if you are looking to make small changes in your kitchen with tile or you are ready to tile everything from the roof to the ceiling, this guide will provide you with the inspiration…

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Master Bathroom RemodelBathroom Lighting
Sconces, Pendants, LEDs, and More: Inspiring Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom lights are more than just a design choice. Above all, they’re meant to protect you and your loved ones from accidents. Spilled water, sharp razors, and slippery surfaces can all make for hazardous conditions.  That being said, there’s no reason why you can’t have both the function and the fashion. The right fixtures can…

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Tips to Building an Addition
Tips for Building an Addition to Your Home

If you’re looking for tips for building an addition to your home, you probably have a lot on your mind about how it’s going to get done. The truth is that additions often start out as a fantasy of extra space or higher resale value, but can quickly lead to logistical problems about how many…

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