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When you find the need for more space in your Los Angeles home, a garage conversion is a great solution. There are a variety of different reasons people need additional room in their LA homes, and a garage remodel can give you the extra space you need while still keeping the home you love and avoiding the extreme cost and major inconvenience of building an addition to your house.

Everything You Want to Know About Converting Your Garage

Homeowners everywhere are seeing the huge potential that is sitting at the end of their driveway: garage conversions. If your garage is just collecting dust or if you don’t have enough space for a new unit, a garage conversion is perfect for achieving your ADU dreams.

An Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU garage conversion, is an excellent choice in California where land is scarce and expensive. Not only does converting your non-traditional living area into usable space in your home give you the much needed extra room, but it is a popular choice among savvy California homeowners because it allows you to gain extensive equity while adding a luxury space to your home.

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Most popular garage remodeling projects include garage conversion into an ADU, converting garage to family room, converting garage to living space and converting a garage into a bedroom. Whichever type of garage remodel you choose, there are many benefits with undertaking this type of project.

Timeframe to go through a Garage Conversion

Building a brand new ADU usually takes between nine and twelve months to complete. This starts from the first talks with your architect to the completion of the habitable unit. Garage conversions can be much faster, typically around six to seven months. If your garage is in excellent condition, you may not need to pour a foundation, frame the ADU, or replace the roof, and that can save valuable time.

Separating Utilities and Address From the Main House

You decide whether to tie the water, gas, and electric utilities to the meters on your main house or to install separate meters for the ADU. The cost will depend on your utility provider, but it will probably be more expensive to separate the utilities. In Los Angeles, installing a second water and power meter through LADWP can run between $5000-$6000 with all associated construction costs.

If you plan on renting out the ADU, separate meters make it easy to have your tenant pay for their own utilities. If both the main house and the ADU might one day be rented, it enables future tenants to have separate bills. If you do not mind renting the ADU with the cost of utilities included, foregoing separate meters will save you some money. You may still need to upgrade your electrical panel to meet the increased energy demand of the ADU.

While you get to decide whether to tie the utilities to the meters on your main house, the same flexibility is not offered with a separate address. Determining whether your ADU will receive a different address depends upon your jurisdiction. Some cities will automatically give you a new address, and in other places it may be optional.

Oasis Builders’ Approach to Garage Remodel Conversions

At Oasis Builders, we take pride in being one of the best remodeling company in Los Angeles. Not only do we employ only licensed, experienced, professional specialists, but we are bonded and insured so you know that you can trust our integrity and that the work will be done to your exact specifications and demands.

We understand how important your home is to you, and it is our goal to make your garage remodel experience as flawless as possible. One of the ways we do this is through effective client communication which makes you feel heard and makes our job more effective. We stay in constant communication with the homeowner throughout the entire garage conversion process. From start to finish, we will make sure that we understand exactly what you want, keep you informed of the schedule, and work with you to ensure a high-quality conversion and a beautiful space that you can enjoy for years to come.

At Oasis Builders, we provide high quality work for our valued clients, and we do not compromise on our professionalism, ethics, or integrity – ever. We guarantee your complete satisfaction and are here to build long term relationships with our clients. We are not happy unless you are happy. It is that simple!

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When Quality, Integrity, and Customer Satisfaction Matter – Los Angeles Homeowners Count on Oasis Builders

There is no need to sacrifice luxury  when converting your garage with Oasis Builders. We offer only the finest material and quality workmanship.

Our reputation is backed by references from satisfied home owners who have taken the time to give us their reviews and testimonials of the work performed by our Los Angeles remodeling company.

When high quality and customer satisfaction matter to you – choose Oasis Builders for your LA garage conversion!

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Different Garage Conversion and ADUs Types

Also sometimes called backyard cottages, granny flats, laneway houses, or DADUs, depending on the jurisdiction.

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Estimating Garage Conversion Cost

Estimating Garage Conversion Cost

A garage conversion can transform your barely used garage space into a totally functional and valuable part of your home. As you delve into the many ways a garage can be converted, garage conversion costs are bound to be at…

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Garage Conversion Costs

Going Through a Garage Remodel vs. Starting from Scratch

It is usually cheaper to keep the garage, but not always. Even old garages often have foundations and framing that are partly salvageable and can be reinforced. This can save you money on materials and labor.

Occasionally, a garage is in such bad shape, or the foundation is so faulty, that it must be torn down and replaced. A general rule of thumb is if your garage was built before 1930, it will usually be better to start from scratch. There are also homeowners who do not want to design their ADU to incorporate the garage, yet need to use that part of the property to build the unit.

As the cost of housing continues to soar, more and more homeowners are using ADUs to create a family compound, including seniors moving into a luxury ADU on their grown kids’ property, or vice versa.

Whatever the case may be, the determination of whether to go through a Garage Conversion or build a brand new ADU should be based on your goals, needs and budget.

Are Garage Conversions Worth It?

Garage remodeling is one of the best ways to invest in your home and enjoy one of the highest ROI’s offered out there. Garage conversions are less expensive than building an ADU - they also offer the greatest return on investment.  While a new 500SF stand-alone unit in Southern California can run $160,000 or more, a 400SF garage conversion starts at around $90,000.

Is it worth it? When you factor in the value a 400SF ADU adds to your home and the income you will get if you rent it out, it is hard to find another investment that comes close.

But sticker shock is real when homeowners realize that the garage conversion is going to cost more than the $50,000 most think it will be. Garage conversions cost more per square foot than typical single-family homes. Here is why:

  • You are paying for all the infrastructure of a larger home (like plumbing, heating, bathroom, and kitchen) without nearly as much “cheap” square footage (bedrooms, halls, big living rooms) to offset the price per square foot.
  • Even if you use the envelope of the existing garage, you will need to install everything from infrastructure to final finishes.
  • There are fixed costs associated with permitting and design fees.
  • Margins are smaller for general contractors, subs, and architects, so they charge more per square foot compared to larger homes.