Second Story Addition

Second Story Additions – An Overview for Curious Property Owners

When you need a larger home in Los Angeles, adding a second story to add square footage can be a major problem-solver. For one, you can get the added floor space without having to search for a hard-to-find new home. Two, you can build up instead of out and keep what yard space you already have.

While a second story addition can be a more complicated renovation in Los Angeles, the end result can be a home that feels like a totally new place when you work with the best home addition contractor.

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A Few Things to Know About Adding a Second Story Addition to Your Home

How Long Do Second Story Additions Take?

Building a second story can be a bit of a time-consuming process at anywhere from three to five months to complete. Times can also vary depending on things like the age of your home and the type of property. A few reasons a second story addition can take so long include:

  • Adding a second story to house can involve extensive planning
  • Structural issues must be addressed
  • It takes time to reinforce the first-floor ceiling
  • Energy efficiency standards must be assessed to meet Title 24 Compliance
  • Flooring, fixtures, windows, and door frames may have to be relocated on the first floor

How Much Does It Cost to Add a Second Story Addition?

Second story addition costs can vary depending on quite a few factors. You may pay as little as $300 per square foot or upwards of $700 per square foot or more, depending on the circumstances of the build. For example, adding a second story on a hillside home can obviously be more challenging and time-consuming, so the costs will be higher.

Even though the build-up with a new addition can be costly, you can fully expect the renovation to heighten your home’s overall value. To determine just how much, look at what homes in your area sell for with square footage that your home will boast once the second story addition is complete.

For example, if the new story will add another 1,200 square feet to your 1,200 square foot home, look at 2,400 square foot homes in your area and their prices. You could easily see an $800,000 house almost double in market value with a second story in some locations.

Getting Permits for Adding a Second Story in Los Angeles 

Adding a second story will naturally mean seeking the proper permits with the help of chosen construction companies or contractors. You will need a general building permit, as well as permits for things like plumbing and electrical implements. Depending on the situation, you may have to wait around 12 weeks for Los Angeles agencies to approve your permits for the build.

Usually, a second floor addition will not mean problems with zoning, but zoning rules can be an issue in unique situations:

  • The addition is thought to create the floor space too substantially
  • Your home is situated in a historic part of the city
  • The second story addition would cause problems due to height restrictions
  • The build would mean your home is less than 15 feet from overhead power lines

Plan Your Second Story Addition with the Help of a Skilled Addition Contractor in Los Angeles 

In the end, adding a second story to your home could be one of the best decisions you ever make for property value
in terms of money and personal usage. Reach out to us today to discuss and schedule your renovation.