Black Kitchens

Black Kitchen Remodel

Think about kitchens you have seen that are clean and modern. Now, throw that idea out the door and replace it with a black kitchen. These edgy, contemporary, rich kitchens are taking the interior design industry by storm. The old ideas of clean white kitchens are quickly being replaced by a fun, modern, and edgy black kitchen remodel. Trend setters and those who like to go against the grain of society will love remodeling their space to include a black kitchen in their Los Angeles home.

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Black Kitchen Designers & Installers In Los Angeles

When it comes to a black kitchen, it is not enough to go buy black paint and start taping off surfaces. This type of interior design takes a trained eye to get it right. Otherwise, you may end up with a black blob you did not intend. When you want an all black kitchen, you deserve to hire a contractor that has the best reviews in Los Angeles. Oasis Builders can help you bring your black kitchen remodel to life so that it looks classy, luxurious, edgy, and contemporary. Please call us today or fill out our online form.

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Black Kitchens FAQ

Are black kitchens trendy?

Black kitchens are currently a top trend and will continue to grow over the years. Whether you enjoy witches, goths, and black cats or simply want a kitchen no one else in your social circle has, an all black kitchen will make you grin from ear to ear for years to come.

Is a black kitchen a good idea?

A black kitchen design is an exceptional idea if you enjoy contemporary kitchens that exude elegance. The matte finishes and dark color surfaces are especially grand if you want to hide a mess before guests arrive. That is something you can never get away with in an all white kitchen.

What colors go with a black kitchen?

Most often, this type of remodel constitutes a black and white kitchen or a black and gold kitchen. White and gold are two of the top colors because they really make the black design pop. They add a bit of class and luxury to a kitchen that is meant to be edgy. However, almost any color can be used in black kitchens. Teal, purple, red, and silver are all good choices in this kitchen.

What goes in a black kitchen?

The same elements that go into any other contemporary kitchen belong in black kitchens. Black kitchen cabinets with white countertops are an incredibly popular combination for those who are not prepared to renovate their home to have an all black kitchen. A kitchen island, stainless steel sink, tile backsplash, vinyl floor, and plenty of black cabinets are all started in black kitchens. Black and gold kitchen design often keeps most surfaces black with pops of gold throughout. Marble countertops and subway tiles are often found in this style of kitchen.