Small Kitchens

Small Kitchen Remodel

One of the best ways to make your current space feel more at home is to complete a small kitchen remodel. Kitchens do not need to be incredibly large in order to meet your tastes and suit your needs. With the right small kitchen design, you can create the kitchen you have dreamt of for years!

Elements & Definitions of Small Kitchens

Before you begin remodeling, it is important to understand exactly what constitutes small kitchen design. Any kitchen that is 100 square feet or less is small. This means that you typically will not find an island or extensive counter space. However, even beautiful small kitchens can be extremely functional!

A smaller kitchen needs to focus on making functional elements easily accessible in the layer. The stove, oven, pantry, cabinets, and fridge all need to have the right flow. Otherwise, you will continue to feel like you do not have enough space to make a meal for family and friends.

[expand title=”Read More”] Once small kitchen makeovers have the functional elements locked in, then the design elements can begin. Small kitchen remodels give you the opportunity to include the materials you want! You can get rid of the laminate flooring and formica tops with ease. Then, you can include the tile backsplash, wood or tile flooring, recessed lighting, stainless steel appliances, and the quartz or marble kitchen counters you have always desired!

When you begin remodeling a small kitchen, you can opt to go for the DIY route or work with professionals. The average cost of small kitchen remodel projects is based on a number of factors. While the DIY route may seem like the most economical option upfront, you may run into issues that require the assistance of remodeling professionals, like Oasis Builders.[/expand]

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How to Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

One crucial step in any remodel small kitchen project is to focus on making your kitchen look bigger.
Several steps can be taken in order to achieve this.

open up your space

Most small kitchens are galleys, which resemble a hallway with countertops and appliances on either side of the space. During the design, demo, and installation of your new appliances and countertops, they should be placed in a way that creates the most surface area for you to walk around.

select bright, light colors

Lighter colors allow your small space to look larger and more open. Dark colors tend to close off a space and make it appear smaller than it actually is.

choose lighting that tricks the eye

Recessed lighting allows more light to be displayed than ornate and clucky lighting installations. By having more light in the room, less shadows are visible. Without shadows, your small kitchen remodeling makes your space appear larger and more inviting.

However you choose to implement your new layout,
appliances, and color scheme, your small kitchen remodel
will have a large payoff in the end!