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Green Kitchen Remodel

If you want to breathe life and energy into your home, you might love what a green kitchen remodel has to offer. With lovely mint, olive, sage, and emerald tones at the forefront of your design, the lively color scheme creates a truly inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy. To get the right look, it is important to understand what makes green kitchens pop and how to select each hue for the biggest impact. Thankfully, you can do just that by partnering with a skilled home remodeling team in Los Angeles.

Green Kitchen Remodel
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If you are ready to get started on your green kitchen remodel, reach out to our team at Oasis Builders. As your premier Los Angeles home remodeling team, we know just how to design and construct a green kitchen that will leave you endlessly impressed.

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Benefits of a Green Kitchen

Trendy and Bold

Green kitchens are both trendy and bold, instantly transforming the beauty of your home while keeping its design wholly relevant. To make your kitchen stand out, you have to go big with the green. A little accent here and there will not cut it. Instead, select green cabinets, countertops, walls, or all three to make the statement you want to share with the world.

Full of Character

Green kitchens are chockfull of incredible character that will leave everyone talking about the design. No matter which shade you select, the green hues easily grab everyone’s attention and guide their eye around the rest of the design. With the right accent colors, the green hues dazzle the senses and create a look that will remain a fan favorite for a lifetime.

Great Focal Point

More often than not, kitchens serve as a gathering place for the household. But if you also want the space to serve as a focal point for your interior design, then a green-heavy color scheme is the way to go. Since green pairs with so many great colors, you can pick many of your other favorite hues to complement or contrast the selected shade.

With a look at these benefits, it is clear that a green kitchen design can help you get all you want out of your home remodel project.

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Client Testimonial Jennifer S
Jennifer S.
Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Renovation, Los Angeles

I hired Oasis Builders for my full kitchen renovation and I could not be more happy with the service Neev and his team provided. Home remodeling is always tough, you never know what to expect. But thanks to Neev, we got the job done and the results are SPECTACULAR! What sets Oasis Builders head and shoulders above the rest is the level of care, consideration and compassion. No matter what obstacle we faced, Neev was right there with a solution and how we could move the project forward.
Joplin M.
Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Renovation, Los Angeles

Oasis Builders and Neev are hands down the absolute BEST! Having never done any construction or renovations of any kind, the whole process of renovating a new kitchen was so daunting to think about, but from the moment we first met Neev, we were put at ease and we knew he was the one! Neev was the first contractor we met with when shopping out contractors, but we did our due diligence to meet with at least 5 more. He set the bar so high on our first meeting that no one else even came close! He was so personable and super professional, understood our vision while also offering such great insight on the project as a whole. Every step of the way he was right there with us, incredibly patient and making sure everything was going to plan. His team is very hard working, always professional and always helpful and everything they did looked just spectacular in the end. Highly, highly recommended!!
Amy Karthan Testimonial
Amy Karthan
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Green Kitchen FAQ
What colors go with green kitchens?

Whether you go with bright green kitchen cabinets, dark green walls, or a mix of the two, you have many excellent color choices for the rest of the surfaces.

The most popular options include:

  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Elm
  • Black
  • White
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Blue

Wood grain looks amazing against all shades of green, making it a popular choice for green kitchens in Los Angeles. In planning your green kitchen remodel, you can compare your favorite shades against wood grain options to select the best combinations.

Is green a good color for a kitchen?

Green is the perfect color for kitchens since it pairs so well with natural wood grain and virtually any color of appliances. The green tones make the space look alive and gives it an energetic feel. With green at the center of your design, you get to enjoy a lot of versatility as you upgrade appliances, furniture, and table settings.

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