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When it comes to kitchens in Los Angeles, nothing quite beats the traditional style. If one is certain in this city, it is that old fashion always rises back to the top. While modern style has flooded social media over the years, the traditional style kitchen is coming back in style. If you have found yourself looking into traditional kitchen designs for small kitchens, it is important to understand the characteristics and elements that make up a traditional kitchen. Fortunately, once you complete your traditional kitchen remodel, you will have a classic kitchen design that allows you to efficiently cook your next Instagramable meal. 

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What Are The Characteristics? 

Traditional kitchen design is made up of specific characteristics. Without these, you will end up with a space that is considered contemporary and not traditional. In order to achieve a traditional style kitchen, you need to focus on a neutral color palette with decorative accessories and embellishments. Just because you hear the word traditional does not mean this style of kitchen is boring. In  fact, it is anything but. You will find that your new small kitchen can feature materials like corian quartz, marble, wood, and stainless steel. When done correctly, these traditional characteristics create a space that will dazzle your guests. 

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What Elements Should Be Included?

Your traditional kitchen decor must include certain elements in order to tie the look together. These elements inclux luxurious countertops, raised panel cabinets, neutral colored backsplash, and decorative lighting. Traditional kitchen cabinet colors typically include cherry or antique wood colors. These are often customized to feature the raise panels. Los Angeles traditional kitchens tend to be small, but some may even feature an island. Those with enough space in their kitchen should include a kitchen island with a granite countertop or other natural stone. With all of these elements that meet the above characteristics, you will be on your way to creating one of the best traditional kitchens in the area. 

What Is The Difference Between Traditional & Modern Kitchens?

When it comes to differentiating between traditional and modern kitchens, it is important you keep the following in mind. Modern kitchens are clean and crisp. Many are even minimalistic and created with a white, black, gray, and/or tan color palette. While this may be the type of style some individuals enjoy, a modern kitchen does not allow you to express yourself. It also certainly does not allow you to make a mess for even a moment. In a modern kitchen, you will be able to immediately tell if something is out of place. 

On the other hand, traditional style kitchens are very much the opposite. With this type of kitchen decor, you can truly express yourself and have fun in your cooking space. If something is out of place, it will look like it belongs there anyway. The antique and heavier wood colors add a sense of depth that cannot be achieved in a perfectly white modern kitchen. 

Any size traditional kitchen remodel in Los Angeles can be daunting. Professionals, like Oasis Builders, should be consulted if you need assistance capturing and implementing your vision.

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Jennifer S.
Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Renovation, Los Angeles

I hired Oasis Builders for my full kitchen renovation and I could not be more happy with the service Neev and his team provided. Home remodeling is always tough, you never know what to expect. But thanks to Neev, we got the job done and the results are SPECTACULAR! What sets Oasis Builders head and shoulders above the rest is the level of care, consideration and compassion. No matter what obstacle we faced, Neev was right there with a solution and how we could move the project forward.
Joplin M.
Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Renovation, Los Angeles

Oasis Builders and Neev are hands down the absolute BEST! Having never done any construction or renovations of any kind, the whole process of renovating a new kitchen was so daunting to think about, but from the moment we first met Neev, we were put at ease and we knew he was the one! Neev was the first contractor we met with when shopping out contractors, but we did our due diligence to meet with at least 5 more. He set the bar so high on our first meeting that no one else even came close! He was so personable and super professional, understood our vision while also offering such great insight on the project as a whole. Every step of the way he was right there with us, incredibly patient and making sure everything was going to plan. His team is very hard working, always professional and always helpful and everything they did looked just spectacular in the end. Highly, highly recommended!!
John Teschner
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