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New Home Construction in Los Angeles

They say home is where the heart is, but, sometimes, an already built, already lived-in home may not deliver everything your heart desires. When that happens to be the case, finding local builders to construct a new home tends to be the most viable option. At Oasis Builders in Los Angeles, new homes are one of our many specialties, so we're the local builders you can trust to help the home of your heart come to life.

A Brief Look at the Stages of Building a House 

Building a house is a huge undertaking with a lot of steps involved for the local builders you choose. However, the general stages of building a house can be broken down into a few general steps:

  1. Preparation of the construction site, such as leveling and grading or excavation
  2. Local builders install the foundation, which may or may not include a basement
  3. Implementing ground utilities, such as septic lines and water lines
  4. Building the frame of the home, including adding roof trusses
  5. Completing the basic plumbing, electrical, and HVAC implementations
  6. Installing insulation, interior drywall, electrical fixtures
  7. Finishing the exterior with roofing, siding, etcetera
  8. Finishing interior and exterior trim, driveways, and walkways

FAQs About Building New Homes in Los Angeles 

A well-built new home can retain its value just like any other home. As always, real estate values can ebb and flow depending on supply and demand, but the general value of a home often rises over time.

Why us

Why Trust Local Builders from Oasis Builders for New Homes 

When you choose to build a house instead of buying one, you need local builders you can fully trust. At Oasis Builders in Los Angeles, we have years of experience, utilize only the most innovative and modern building strategies for new homes, and guarantee you are satisfied with the end result. From the initial design and planning phase until the day you get your keys, we walk you through each stage of building your home seamlessly. If you would like to discuss building a new house to call home, reach out to us at Oasis Builders for a free estimate.