Roscomare Road,
Bel Air

/ Introduction

About the project

Bel Air is all about high-end life at home with some of the most upscale residences in the area, so the opportunity to create this classic bathroom was truly our pleasure. For this bathroom remodel, the homeowner was all about classic simplicity, so the overall design was built around that personality and design theme in mind. With an all-white freestanding tub, white-framed double windows, and a classic Moen shower system, this room shaped up to be everything that classic embodies. 

A few vintage touches—like a vintage telephone tub faucet and 2-inch by 6-inch subway tile in a white satin finish—and this bathroom took on an entirely new attitude. The 12-inch by 24-inch, large format tile on the floor in gray and the whisper-soft powder blue walls offered just enough color variation to push this bathroom’s design over the edge into upscale luxury. A soaking tub, ample natural light, and flashy classic silver fixtures—this bathroom was like stepping back in time without sacrificing comfort or function. 

/ Starting Point

Before Remodeling

/ Final Results

After Remodeling