Raymond P.

Living Room Remodel, Culver City

I contacted Neev, interested in a living room remodel. Our recently bought home had original lathe & plaster walls, popcorn ceiling, cold tile floors, all needing to be replaced. Neev was very informative and up front about costs, project length and options. He managed to work within our budget, too. The remodel ended up taking less time than projected which was nice. Neev was there almost every morning to check in with the sub-contractors and make sure the work was to our liking. A few things had been damaged/misplaced during the demolition, which Neev promptly had fixed/replaced. The remodel turned out great, everything to our liking. The living room was the only unremodeled part of the house, so it really brought the house out of the 20th century. We will most certainly use his services in the future!