Alex C. & Elain L.

General Remodeling, Playa Del Rey

Things that were important to us when starting the project – we knew there were going to be some tough aspects of the renovation, like structural changes. We knew we were going to have to get permits, and we also had a timeline that we wanted to work in because we were not living in the house yet, we were living in the previous apartment. So we wanted to get the renovations done fairly quickly, so that we could move out of our old apartment and move into your house. The overall experience working with Oasis was great! Construction is a difficult process, and it’s never easy – but it went as smoothly as we could’ve ever expected, with the amount of work that we did. I found that the quality of Neev’s work was really high standard, and I really like everybody that I’ve met on the construction site. We’re very happy that we chose Oasis Builders for this remodel. We would definitely recommend Oasis Builders to anyone else.