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Whether you need a master bedroom, inlaw apartment, or family room, home additions are a fabulous way to love your existing home. Adding a room to a house is the most effective way to increase its value. It is the best way to get the most out of your home as an investment but home additions are not only about house renovation for profit. It is about transforming a house that you like into a home that you love.

Home Addition
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Here in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles, settling for the ordinary just isn’t done. You need a world-class home addition contractor to build your home add-ons according to your vision, one who has an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Whether you are interested in home makeovers, garage conversion, second story addition, new home construction, or something more specialized – you need to work with a general contractor with the experience, the team, the tools, and the wisdom to understand your vision.

Choose to work with a home addition contractor who is willing to communicate frequently, who will work with you to help you obtain the proper permits and who will guide you through the entire experience from start to finish. For us, these things are second nature. Performing a luxury home addition in Los Angeles is not a job for a contractor who isn’t committed to delivering the highest quality work and customer service.

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Licensed, Bonded, Insured

We have it all, not just because it is the law, but because your confidence in us is of ultimate importance to our company.

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Do not take our word for it. Listen to our many satisfied clients and glowing professional recommendations.

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Oasis Builders was founded with a mission statement of providing our clients with a “white glove” and unique construction experience different than the majority of those in the construction services. The typical negative construction stories you hear from people who have undertaken a certain construction project do not apply to us. Our commitment to quality and service is in our DNA. Whether it is a house renovation, adding onto an old house, or even the simplest home makeover, we adhere to the highest industry standards and see to it that our clients are 100% satisfied before calling a project complete This is what makes us and any home makeover project we commit to unique. Doing what is right is expected, but we commit to go beyond ordinary expectations and promise excellence.

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Steps to Building

A home addition is a room or rooms added to the back, side, or top (another story) of an existing structure and intended to blend in with that original as a seamless extension. This space is typically open to the existing space unless designing and building a separate apartment. This contrasts to converting unfinished area like a garage, attic, basement, sunroom, or patio into extra room — also a viable option for many homeowners who have these spaces to convert.

3D Design & Permits
3D Design & Rendering

Our first step is to assess the space to develop a practical plan that will help get the most useable square footage out of it. The 3D design lets you see what this home remodeling will look like when finished, so you don’t have to imagine. Approve your plan, and we’re off to the next step. With an approved plan in hand, our team will obtain your building permit issued by the local Department of Building and Safety.


Since you currently do not have a structure, we will likely need to excavate and prepare the land where the structure will stand.


Once the ground is level and prepared, we will lay a new sturdy foundation on which we’ll build your new room. Framing involves placing the beams that will become the exterior and interior walls.


In a home addition project, you don’t already have a roof covering the space. We’ll need to frame and install that as well. We can design and lay a new roof to perfectly match your existing one, so your addition becomes a seamless extension of your home.

Windows & Doors
Windows and Doors

Now that the bones of the new addition are in place, we can frame and install windows and doors. Whether this will be your master suite or you want to add a room for in-laws, you don’t want this space to feel like it doesn’t belong or is “added on”, so these components are designed to match or complement the original house. A great home addition contractor knows how to do this. That’s why finding the right contractor is so important.

Plumbing, Electrical & Mechanical
Plumbing and Electrical

We run basic plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and ductwork from the existing home into the space to make modern conveniences available as we finish the project in later steps.


We assess the space and how you’ll use it to choose the best insulation solution. For example, if this is your new family room or extra space for a teen or young adult, you’ll probably want to dampen sound in addition to maintaining temperature and humidity levels.

Drywall & Interior Paint

Your home renovation is starting to look like a home as we hang the drywall, prime them for paint, and paint them your chosen colors.

Stucco & Exterior Paint
Stucco & Exterior Paint

We’ll have significant exterior work like painting and stuccoing to match your current residence. These finishing elements complete the exterior look of the home addition project and are critical for realizing the home value benefits that home additions often offer.

Cement & Tile
Cement and Tile

The perfect cement and tile can really define a finished addition. Whether you need to tile a shower or create a new paved walkway to the side door, we apply all the finishing touches to room additions in Los Angeles area.


It’s time to lay the flooring. Whether you’ve chosen plank, hardwood, tile, or even vinyl, we can help you showcase your style, delight house guests with your space, or keep your new master bedroom all to yourself.

Finishing Touches
Flooring installation

Every project is different, and yours deserves to be amazing. That happens with the right finishing touches. We complete all your cabinets, fixtures, surfaces, or fixtures, delivering a polished and refined completed project.

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Find Your Inspiration

These amazing before and after makeovers will inspire you to start planning a home addition of your own.

Playa Vista Kitchen Remodel After
Playa Vista Kitchen Remodel Before
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Our Customers Love Us

Kitchen remodel project client testimonial
Amy Karthan
Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling, Manhattan Beach

The most important aspect to me in a kitchen remodel was getting the kitchen cabinets’ color that I wanted which was the dark-blue color. Oasis Builders actually listened to what I wanted. Neev reassured me that everything will be done in a timely manner and he was the only contractor who didn’t talk me out of what I wanted. I had a very tight timeframe with regards to getting what I wanted with the remodel. The timeframe was met and it was within my budget.
Kitchen remodel client testimonial
John Teschner
Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling, Studio City

What was important for me about Neev that made me hire him was that when I asked him serious questions, he had the answers. I felt like I could trust him to do what he said and if he did what he said, I knew I’d be happy. The communication was great, I spoke with Neev every day, if not once, maybe two-three times. The quality of the job came out just as I expected, really good. The project came in before the deadline and right on budget. What more can you ask for these days?
Alexis Kavazanijan
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Estimating Garage Conversion Cost
Should I buy a new home or do a home addition?

Selling a home and buying a new one costs time, money, and stress. Most family homes have room to expand upward or outward, and expanding them can increase your home’s value. Whether you have a growing family or need extra room, building a home addition can be the smart alternative if you otherwise love your home.

Why do you need a permit to add room additions to your house?

Not every home addition contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. Honestly, some do shoddy work that could end up costing you money to fix, jeopardize family safety, and even become a legal problem for you if someone gets hurt. The permit system intends to make sure whoever performs the work knows what they’re doing and can complete it in accordance with local safety codes.

How do I choose (and trust) a contractor for house additions?

Research home addition contractors who have performed similar projects to yours. View their portfolio and before and afters. Verify that they’re licensed, bonded, and insured in Los Angeles, California and know the local codes for the project. Check out real customer stories. Explore their process. And finally, look for a guarantee that you’ll have an enjoyable, efficient, successful project completed on schedule.

Also, be sure they can handle the whole project. You don’t want to have to work with one contractor for the building and another for the plumbing. Your home addition contractor should have the ability to manage it all.

Why do homeowners opt for a room addition?

Many homeowners need more square footage. But they love their home and neighborhood and would rather transform their current home instead of the hassle and often disappointment of buying a different house that will have its own sets of issues. They realize that grass isn’t always greener on the other side. They have an opportunity to get exactly what they want right where they are.

Where is the best place to add an addition to my home?

You might start by looking at unfinished spaces in your home like an attic, garage, over the garage, basement, or covered patio. Even though these are technically home conversions, not home additions, they often have the raw elements you need to create extra living space for less.

Home additions typically go in the back of a home or, in some cases on the side. It depends on how close you are to your neighbors if you’re on a hill and what the local codes are in your area. We can help you answer these questions.

How much value does a master suite add?

When you add a full-size master suite to your Los Angeles home, you can expect a return on investment of about 65%. The quality of materials and workmanship greatly influences how much you can expect to get out of the initial investment.

What is a good size for a master bedroom suite?

The perfect size for a luxury master bedroom suite is between 300 and 600 square feet. If you want to go smaller than that, consider adding tons of high-quality materials, like exotic hardwoods, to increase the exquisite feel of that space.

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