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what we do

Home Additions

Adding a room to a house is the most effective way to increase its value. It is the best way to get the most out of your home as an investment but home additions are not only about house renovation for profit. It is about transforming a house that you like into a home that you love.

How to Find a Contractor for Home Addition

Here in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles, settling for the ordinary just isn’t done. You need a world-class contractor to build your home add-ons according to your vision, one who has an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Whether you are interested in home makeovers, home additions, house renovation, or something more specialized – you need to work with a contractor with the experience, the team, the tools, and the wisdom to understand your vision.

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It is recommended to know what you have in mind and have the chance to communicate your idea before you get an estimate. The home addition contractors you are considering should have professional references and testimonials from satisfied customers. It is always best to check for substantial complaints online, litigation history, licensing, and insurance coverage.

Choose to work with a contractor who is willing to communicate frequently, who will work with you to help you obtain the proper permits and who will guide you through the entire experience from start to finish. For us, these things are second nature. Performing a luxury house renovation in Los Angeles is not a job for a contractor who isn’t committed to delivering the highest quality work and customer service.

Ethics & Integrity

Oasis Builders was founded with a mission statement of providing our clients with a “white glove” and unique construction experience different than the majority of those in the construction industry. The typical negative construction stories you hear from people who have undertaken a certain construction project do not apply to us. Our commitment to quality and service is in our DNA. Whether it is a house renovation, adding onto an old house, or even the simplest home makeover, we adhere to the highest industry standards and see to it that our clients are 100% satisfied before calling a project complete This is what makes us and any home makeover project we commit to unique. Doing what is right is expected, but we commit to go beyond ordinary expectations and promise excellence.

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What You Can Expect from Our Team

What You Can Expect from Our Team

Unlike other house renovation contractors, we are not interested in leaving the job until you are totally satisfied with the finished product. To work reliably, we adhere to a set of values from which we will never deviate.

  • Transparency: Our commitment is to provide you with full transparency throughout your house renovation project.
  • Communication: We believe in having an open flow of communication with our clients and find it to be vital in order to make any construction project a success.
  • Quality is Assured: We do not cut corners, not in materials, service, nor craftsmanship. Not ever.

how we work

Steps to Building

1. Review Your Plans

Our team will go over the plans with you to ensure it represents your desired house renovation. In case you do not have any plans, not to worry, we have with us some of the best architects in Los Angeles for residential projects who can assist you with the first step - designing your project.

2. Obtain Approval
3. Get the necessary materials
4. Begin the Build

why us

What Sets us Apart

When you hire our team for your house renovation or home makeovers, you get the following, guaranteed:

• Care

All the best practices in the world fail without care at every step.

• Licensed, Bonded, Insured

We have it all, not just because it is the law, but because your confidence in us is of ultimate importance to our company.

• Reviews & Testimonials

Do not take our word for it. Listen to our many satisfied clients and glowing professional recommendations.

• Reliability

We do what we say, and say what we do to make your house renovation experience second to none.

• Energy

Delivering luxury house renovation work takes drive and determination. We deliver top quality performance on each and every working day on each and every project and we do it with a smile.