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Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodel is the process of tearing down an old bathroom and upgrading it with new elements to increase function, design, or value. From enhancing a bathroom for the utmost in luxury to making it more accessible to people with disabilities, we have experience in all types of bathroom makeovers.

Ready to Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodeling?

You may be interested in remodeling a bathroom because you’re in a new home in Los Angeles and the style doesn’t mesh with yours. Maybe you’ve been living in your home for a while, and you are ready for a change. Sometimes our clients would like to remodel as part of an overhaul to boost the value of the dwelling prior to putting it up for sale.

Whatever the reason behind your desired changes, our team of bathroom contractors in Los Angeles helps you get started to make the makeover ideas you have in mind a reality.

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How We Tackle Bathroom Remodeling

First, we meet with you to discuss your ideas for your made-over space and brainstorm the many possibilities. You may have bathroom remodel photos to give us an idea of direction or specific thoughts in mind about the overall finished look you prefer.

When you pick us from among other general contractors in Los Angeles, we’ll be there to help you make decisions and filter various options. We will also go over the factors that affect the overall bathroom remodeling cost. For example, would you like to install recessed shelving for storage? How about including a bidet in addition to the toilet? Would you like some extra electronic functions, such as dimmable lights, a ceiling-mounted fan, or added outlets? With so many possibilities, it can be helpful to have the professional guidance.

Our Process: What We Do to Develop the Ultimate Bathroom for You

We can handle spaces of every size. Every detail regarding implements for the new space will be categorized according to both style or design and color.

Choosing the Details When Remodeling a Bathroom

You have an array of decisions to make for different features in your bathroom, from style options for floors and the vanity to whether you want a new shower, tub, or stall. Click on the following bathroom renovation topics to learn more about how they fit into the remodeling process.

* Bathroom Flooring – Bathroom flooring sets the stage for your new bathroom. From tile to vinyl, each option has its own perks for design and function value.

* Bathroom Tile – Adding tile to the flooring walls, or even the countertop can give the room an entirely new personality.

* Bathroom Vanity – A bathroom vanity takes up a lot of visual space, but you can opt for small and simple or large with double sinks and ample space for storage.

* Shower Remodel – Revamp an existing bathroom with new surrounding walls, doors, and other features.

* Bathtub Remodel – Get rid of your outdated tub and replace the unit with a more functional and stylized version.

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

At Oasis Builders, we’re devoted to creating beautiful, well-designed bathrooms for all customers, whether their plans for a remodeling project are big or small. We stay on top of the latest design trends and materials to deliver the best available options. Not only will you be happy with the result aesthetically after we finish, but you will also be pleased with how renovation enhances the functionality and heightens the value of your home.

To learn more about our approach to bathroom remodeling or to make an appointment for a consultation in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, reach out to us to get your project started today. We’re the bathroom contractors with experience you can trust!

how we work

Introduction to Oasis Builders’ Process of Bathroom Remodel

We take pride in our many years of experience in remodeling bathrooms.
Our experience with construction is what sets us apart from competing bathroom contractors in Los Angeles.
Our team has developed a systematic approach to bathroom makeovers:

1. Design and Framing

Bathroom 3D Design

Our team meet with you to better understand what you want in your space. We brainstorm ideas with you to come up with the perfect design, pick the most suitable materials, and more. Our team will frame the necessary shape of the space according to the design you approved for your bathroom remodel. Framing allows us to start shaping the space and structure but also enables you to envision what the bathroom remodel will look like when finished.

2. Permits and Demolition
3. Plumbing and Electrical
4. Insulation
5. Drywall Patching and Repair
6. Hot Mop the Shower Pan
7. Lath and Chicken Wire in Preparation for Cement
8. Cement in Preparation for Tile Installation
9. Tile Installation on the Walls and Floor
10. Prime and Paint to Show Your Sense of Style
11. Connecting Fixtures to Put It All Together
12. Final Inspection

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