Meredith Court,
Canoga Park

/ Introduction

About the project

This contemporary master bathroom got a major uptick in style-meets-form factor with numerous modern fixtures paired with vintage-inspired patterns. The stage was set with 12-inch by 24-inch dark gray porcelain style as the primary flooring, but adding the decorative shower wall tile from WOW truly brought this room to life. The intricate, black-and-white patterns of the tile breathed something entirely alluring into the well-lit room. 

For that must-have contemporary feel, this bathroom got all the bells and whistles where fixtures were concerned: a floating vanity with vessel sinks, wall-mounted faucets, an LED-framed mirror, and, of course, frameless glass shower doors to retain the openness of the space. The vintage-inspired clawfoot tub tied everything together with its flashy stainless feet. 

/ Starting Point

Before Remodeling

/ Highlights

work process

3D Design & Rendering

Materials Used

/ Final Results

After Remodeling