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Introduction to Oasis Builders

Your home is your castle and it should reflect your sense of style. To that end, the team at Oasis Builders is here for you, whether you are starting new home construction or are looking for experts in house renovation or home remodeling to transform your space.

Under one roof, we bring together talented designers, demolition professionals and the finest home contractors to take your ideas and turn them into reality.

Home Remodeling

Ready to Begin a New Home Construction or Home Remodeling Project?

In order to keep up with the times, your home will eventually need to be remodeled. Our team will brainstorm ideas with you for upgrades, going over options for color schemes, flooring and wall decorations, new furniture ideas and even add-ons. We are available for all types of jobs both large and small.


What We Do

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Kitchen Remodeling
Do you have a drab kitchen that reflects the style of the previous owner, from decades ago? Or perhaps your kitchen is not very functional and you would like to remodel it for the better? This is a common type of project because it is such an easy way to enhance the value of a home.  Since people spend so much time in the kitchen, making meals and consuming them while hanging out with family and friends, it is worthwhile it to transform the kitchen with remodeling professionals.  We can replace the cabinets, put in luxurious appliances, adjust the color scheme and add amenities such as a kitchen island or a wall with a built-in microwave oven.

Bathroom Remodeling
Your bathroom can transform into an oasis that you will actually enjoy taking refuge in. Maybe you want to remodel the hall bathroom after your kids have moved out, or you are in the mood to upgrade the bathroom in the guest bedroom to give overnighters a more pleasant experience.  Bathroom remodeling projects are also a great way to lift the value of your home, which is something to keep in mind if you are contemplating selling your place any time soon. Our team follows the latest design trends and we will be happy to come up with recommendations for your bathroom remodeling as we sit and brainstorm together.

Home Additions
Is your family experiencing growing pains and now you need to add an extra bedroom? Or perhaps working from home is prompting you to build an addition so you can have the office space you so desperately need? There is a simple solution for that. We are experts in expanding the useable space in people’s homes in Los Angeles. 

garage conversions
Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs are becoming increasingly popular as add-ons for people’s residences in Los Angeles. They’re an easy way to give you more space without having to add on a second story to the home. We’ve take on many ADU jobs and we will bring our experience to your project.  Some homeowners have plenty of unused space on their property that they would like to put to better use. It is in the garage. Our team will transform your garage into additional living space so you get more value out of your patch of L.A. real estate. It can be converted into a “grandma apartment,” for example, or serve as a home office or even a new room to hang out in and play games with friends and family. 


Projects We Are Proud Of

If you are looking for inspiration for your home remodeling project
or would like to get a better idea of what happens during renovations,
we’ve got plenty of examples for you to look at.

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Kitchen Remodeling - Studio City - Client Testimonial
The communication was great. Whenever I had a question or needed an answer I contacted Neev and it was within minutes she would get back to me.
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Kitchen Remodeling - Manhattan Beach - Client Testimonial
Neev was the only contractor that didn’t talk me out of what I wanted.
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General Remodeling - Long Beach - Client Testimonial
I found Oasis Builders on Yelp, they had 5-star reviews, and everyone was over the Moon about working with Neev.

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Ideas & Advice

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what makes us different

The Oasis Builders Difference


streamlined process

Our team works efficiently because we respect our customers’ time.
You can depend on us to meet all the milestones on time throughout the duration of your project.


clear communication

We take pride in maintaining clear lines of communication. Everything will go smoothly, according to plan.


ethics & integrity

Our team pledges to always do the right thing, even if it is more difficult. We are responsible for our actions and care about building a good relationship with our customers.


We Actually Care

We wouldn’t have such an excellent reputation in Los Angeles if our team didn’t care about offering the highest level of quality to each customer.
Our professionals devote themselves wholeheartedly to each job, using every ounce of knowledge, skills and experience to transform your home for the better.