Lukasz K. & Sofia Q.

General Remodeling, Culver City

Before we started this project, the most important thing for us was to find a partner that we could trust. A company that will execute on the project, our vision within the constrains that we had within the budget that we had, and especially within the timeframes. One of the things that we really like about Oasis Builders and the reason why we ended up working with them is the fact that not only their website showcased incredible projects and the standard that we were looking for, but also they were extremely responsive. One of the most enjoyable things that we experienced while working with Neev and Oasis Builders was just the problem solving – this apartment was pretty old, and we ran into some interesting issues that were dealt with incredibly fast and incredibly well. The project was done within the timeframes of the timelines that we set up, and seeing this apartment go from very old-school style design, very old into this modern, beautiful place – it was just a dream come true. We are very happy that we chose Oasis Builders to do this remodeling, everything went better than we expected, faster than we expected, and was within our budget!