Overland Ave,
Los Angeles

/ Introduction

About the project

This eclectic wonder is one of greatest transformations to date. We were able to convert a traditional bathroom with warm and earthy tones into a stunning blue themed eclectic bathroom with unique features and aesthetic to make it feel like the renewed bathroom was taken out of a magazine. 

/ Starting Point

Before Remodeling

/ Highlights

work process

We used a handcrafted blue gradient tile – Fez Aqua Gloss by the Spanish company “Wow”. 

To add a royal chic feel, we used Calacatta Gold tiles on the shower pan floor (Hexagon Calacatta Gold Honed 3” x 3” on a 10” x 11.5” sheet)  and a Calacatta Gold 12” X 24” Porcelain Tile, honed/matte finish, for the bathroom floor.  

All materials were made to compliment and pair perfectly with the artistic botanical style wallpaper carefully selected by our client.

/ Final Results

After remodeling