5 Best Bathroom Fixture Brands Recommended by Expert Remodelers

Bathroom Fixtures

Planning a bathroom remodel? It’s good to know where to spend the bulk of your budget, and fixtures rank high on the list. After all, your dream-like home spa has certain needs, including good water pressure and user-friendly faucets. Additionally, you want hardware that looks beautiful and comes with a solid warranty. Your new fixtures should be durable enough to withstand frequent family use without springing leaks or losing gaskets, but with so many from which to choose — which ones are the best bathroom fixture brands? 

1. Kohler

Why not buy Kohler bathroom fixtures? Kohler offers comprehensive warranties on their products, and they stand behind their good name. Kohler is manufactured in the USA, so it’s fast and easy to order spare or replacement parts. Kohler is affordable, too, coming in around mid-range where price is concerned. 

In addition to great customer service, Kohler gives back to communities through a partnership with World Vision. World Vision works around the globe to supply deserving communities with clean water, disaster relief, relief from poverty, and more. 

Kohler fixtures come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, finishes, and flow rates. They offer benefits such as touchless technology, pause features, temperature memory, and more. 

2. Delta

Delta fixtures have been pleasing homeowners for more than 80 years. In part, this is due to the lifetime warranty that comes standard with their products. Delta also showers its customers with more choices than most other bathroom and kitchen faucet brands. This means you can highly customize your new bath with innovative features such as Touch20, Spotshield, and Diamond Seal Technology.

Delta is one of the best bathroom fixture brands, which means you’ll pay more for Delta hardware. However, you get what you pay for when choosing these faucets. 

3. Brizo

Brizo is a luxury brand of fixture manufactured in the USA by Delta. These fixtures are designed both for functionality and appeal, modeled after top-of-the-line European brands, and fully worthy of their lifetime warranties. Brizo combines the best of both worlds — Delta’s famous workmanship coupled with innovative and award-winning designs. 

If you want to feel truly pampered in your home bath, consider investing in Brizo brand fixtures. 

4. Grohe

Grohe bathroom fixtures are German-made by a company that’s been in business since the 1800s. Much of the modern technology that goes into Grohe faucets was developed in Germany, which makes this a stand-out brand for cutting-edge convenience and functionality. Grohe products feature limited lifetime warranties and consistently durable design. 

5. Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe is a premium brand of German-engineered fixtures, owned by Masco. This brand of fixture is famous for high design and durable functionality. Products come with limited lifetime warranties and feature high-end finishes and features. Most of the components of Hansgrohe fixtures are now made in China or Taiwan. 

When you’re ready to begin construction on your dream bath, decide for yourself which are the best bathroom fixture brands by researching companies and reading customer reviews, beginning with the five we’ve listed here.