White Bathrooms

White Bathroom Remodel in Los Angeles

When it comes to design inspiration for home remodeling, nothing is more striking than images of an all-white bathroom. In the Los Angeles area, white bathrooms are becoming one of the hottest trends because of the clean and elegant look they present in master and guest bathrooms. A white bathroom model may sound simple enough to do on your own, but it is important to incorporate your own custom designs. Otherwise, the image you have of stunning white bathrooms may not come to life the way you imagined.

Get Assistance with Your White Bathroom Design

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A white bathroom remodel pushes your creative abilities to the maximum since you have a limited color palette to use. However, when done right, it creates a stunning masterpiece. Services provided by local bathroom contractors and flooring companies will ensure that the white bathrooms are brought perfectly to life in your home. If you are looking for the most trusted and highest skilled contractors in the area for your white bathroom remodel, look no further than Oasis Builders.

Elements of Modern White Bathrooms

White bathrooms are simple in theory, but they can be difficult to execute properly without the right elements. First and foremost, you need to have white bathroom paint. You cannot have a stunning white bathroom without at least some white walls. You can certainly add accents of color here and there, but the primary color on your walls needs to be white. Depending on your taste, you will need a white shower or white tub. If you have a built-in combination of the two, the entire area should be white. White tile installation really makes your tub, shower, or tub shower combo fit into the space. The tile also helps create a break between the floor and ceiling.

The most stunning white bathrooms feature white marble floors, but any white tile will tie the space together. Accents of gold, silver, copper, or brushed bronze should be used for faucets and hardware to create a beautiful and modern space worthy of your Los Angeles home.

How to Decorate White Bathrooms

When it comes to white bathroom decor, it is important to remember that contrast is your friend. You do not want to have so much white in this smaller space that you cannot determine the floor from the ceiling from the tub. What you can do to easily create the most stunning white bathroom is to use bathroom shelves, accessories, and an elegant light fixture. The shelves will allow you to draw attention from the white walls and create a secondary focal point. It also allows you to have functional, gorgeous storage.

Small accessories like a plant, picture, or candles can create the pops of color you need to tie in your new white bathrooms to the rest of your home. Finally, the light fixture will allow you to create the exact level of elegance you desire. It should be classy and tasteful, but also make sure it diffuses the light enough so you aren’t blinded (in case you wander into the bathroom at 3 o’clock in the morning).