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As your family grows, your living space can start to feel rather cramped, leaving you eyeing the garage as a solution. If you don’t regularly use the garage for much more than storing your vehicle, you can definitely afford to use it for something else. You might want to convert garage to bedroom, nursery, or even a rec room to give everyone space to stretch out.

To get a great return on investment, you’ll want to do your garage bedroom project right with help from general contractors in Los Angeles. Home addition experts will secure the correct building permits and abide by building codes as they bring your vision to life. Ready to get started on this garage bedroom project? Here’s what you need to know.

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Expand Your Space by Building a Garage Bedroom

When you work with your trusted Los Angeles general contractor team to convert garage to bedroom space, you just know you’re going to get great results. This garage bedroom project gives you a chance to overhaul your living space to make it work better for your household and potentially increase your home’s overall value. And since the garage likely already has heating/cooling, plumbing, and electricity, its remodel is usually a lot less expensive than building a whole new home addition.

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Expected Cost of a Garage Conversion Project

Although it’s often cheaper than a full home addition, the price of a garage remodel can vary considerably. The total depends on the presence of all the right hookups for your intended use of the space. Breaking up the space into a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room, for example, will cost more than simply turning it into an open rec room.

The price also hinges on the finish materials selected for the garage remodel. If you want to replace the garage door with French doors, then it will likely cost more than building a wall instead. Similarly, going with real hardwood floors instead of laminate or installing built-in bookcases rather than using plain drywall will also increase the total.

We can help you align the project with your budget if you’re not sure how to proceed. They will offer all the guidance and insights you need to select the perfect layout, features, and finish materials for your garage bedroom project.

Garage Bedroom Permit Requirements

As with all major home addition projects, you will need a building permit to convert garage to bedroom space. Thankfully, your contractor can apply for the permit for you before starting the garage remodel. Then, as they convert the space, they can ensure that all the work abides by local ordinances.

With their support, you never have to worry about your garage bedroom project missing the mark. You’ll just get fantastic results the first time around, adding more living space to your home and even increasing its value.

If a garage bedroom sounds like exactly what your home needs, get in touch with your Los Angeles home addition team today. During your call, you can start the conversation about your project and schedule a free estimate at a convenient time and date.

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