Grey Kitchens

Grey Kitchen Remodel in Los Angeles

Grey kitchens are one of the hottest trends in interior designs right now. If you are someone who loves to have the trendiest home, you need to clear your calendar, prep your kitchen, and get ready to bring the grey trendy kitchen into your home. Once you are done, you will be incredibly proud of your Instagram-worthy kitchen.

Is Grey a Good Color for a Kitchen?

A grey luxury kitchen is exactly what top influencers are bringing into their homes right now. This color scheme is classy and elegant without appearing flat or boring. Grey kitchen cabinets are also incredibly popular, which makes switching to a grey-themed kitchen easier than other remodels.

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Grey Kitchen Remodel Professionals in Los Angeles

A grey kitchen remodel is no easy feat. Whether you’ve attempted to DIY your kitchen before or are ready to jump head first into this trend, consider how much time you can save and the number of headaches you can avoid by hiring the best kitchen remodelers in Los Angeles. Oasis Builders is ready to turn your dreams into a reality. You can give us a call now or fill out our contact form.

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Grey Kitchens FAQ

What tiles go with a grey kitchen?

Subway tiles and hexagon tiles are popular additions with grey kitchens. These can be used as a backsplash or on the floor to tie the look together. The best grey toned kitchens feature glossy tiles. These tiles allow light to bounce off of them which helps make the kitchen appear larger. Furthermore, they are easier to clean after a mess occurs.

How do you add color to grey kitchens?

You can add color by changing the backsplash, bringing in colorful furniture, and using accents like placemats and floor mats. These small pops of color allow you to maintain the look of a grey tone kitchen without keeping a monotone color palette. Other ideas for adding color include using colored cooking utensils and glasses. Small art may also be added in the kitchen to bring some color to the space.

What color goes best with grey kitchens?

The best color to accent this type of kitchen is something that is bold and warm. Since a grey colored kitchen can come across as cold to some, warm colors will help bring life back into the space. It is possible to use cool tone colors in grey kitchens, but these should be reserved for homes that have generous amounts of natural light and/or elegant lighting elements. Otherwise, the room will appear too cold and off putting.

Good accent color for grey kitchens

The best accent colors for grey kitchen remodels include red, orange, and yellow. These warm colors create warmth and fun around an environment that is surrounded by grey kitchen cabinets.