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Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have been an easy way to add a living space to a home for many years. ADU construction may not always be about adding full-on separate dwellings, but the change can add more functionality for you as the property owner. For example, you could convert the garage to an office, utilize the garage as a family room or den, add a bedroom. As you begin examining your options, here are a few notes about building an ADU to remember.

ADU Garage Conversion
/ Planning Permission

Do you need permission to convert your garage?

You do usually need a permit to build if you intend for the new living space to be legal. To make sure you end up with a fully legal structure and no concerns to contend with later, be sure to work with a good ADU Los Angeles contractor who will assess the space, draw up the proper architectural design, and then seek a permit to build on your behalf. 

Planning Permission
/ Garage Conversion Options

Adding More Functionality

ADU Options
Convert Garage to Apartment 

Garage conversion to apartment is perhaps the most common ADU garage conversion. The process tends to involve creating a complete alternative living space that can act as a fully functional space for someone to live. Therefore, an ADU garage conversion to an apartment will usually involve: 

    • Creating a full floor plan that includes sleeping quarters, a kitchen or kitchenette, and a bathroom 
    • Changing the entry door to a more logical access door 
    • Implementing windows and other traditional living space features 

Some homeowners with a large enough garage may also choose to leave the garage on the lower level but to implement an apartment over the garage.

Convert Detached Garage to Guest House 

If you have a detached garage in Los Angeles, choosing an ADU contractor to transform the structure into a guest house can offer a lot of value. Whether you consistently have overnight guests or have an aging family member who you want nearby but want them to have their privacy, an on-site guest house may prove more valuable than a detached garage. 

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Does converting the garage lower your home value?

ADU garage conversion has grown to be highly popular. More college students are staying at home instead of seeking student housing to save money. More people are also looking for homes with “granny flats” to give their elderly loved ones a private place to stay. Therefore, when completed properly, a converted garage can add substantial value to your property. 

Is it legal to use a garage as a bedroom?

Because housing can be so hard to come by in the state of California, ASU Los Angeles is much more acceptable, even if you just want to use the space as a bedroom. The garage must be properly converted with the help of a licensed contractor and the proper building permits must be obtained. 

The bottom line, if you have a garage that could be more valuable to you as an alternate living space, ADU garage conversion may be the answer. If you need help with ADU Los Angeles, reach out to us to discuss your garage conversion ideas today!

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