Narrow Kitchens

Upgrade Your Home with a Galley Kitchen Remodel

A galley kitchen can give you a whole lot of utility in a small package, but it definitely needs to have all the right elements to ensure that your cooking adventures succeed. What better way to make the space work for you than a galley kitchen remodel? With a full redesign from floor to ceiling, you can enjoy the kitchen of your dreams without the need for a large footprint. Here is what you need to know to start this project.

What is a Galley Kitchen?

A galley kitchen is a narrow kitchen that is shaped like a narrow corridor with shelves, cabinets, and appliances on both sides of the walkway. Both sides may open up into the living space, or one end could be closed off with a wall or pantry.

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Since a narrow kitchen has a small footprint, it is perfect for houses with minimal square footage. It also works well as a secondary kitchen in a mother-in-law apartment or guest house.


  • Saves a lot of space and promotes minimalism
  • Allows you to renovate without excessive spending
  • Streamlines the cooking process from start to finish


  • Only allows one cook to work comfortably at a time
  • Does not add much resale value even after a remodel
  • Has very little storage space and no kitchen island

As you dream up your ideal galley kitchen designs, you will have all the information needed to hire contractors to handle the project. Using your vision of the final results, they can provide you with a timeline and estimate, including materials and labor costs.

If you are ready to start your galley kitchen remodel in Los Angeles, it is time to open up the conversation with a professionaland start finding your key solutions. If that sounds good, then you are in luck, because our team at Oasis Builders specializes in galley kitchen makeovers!



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Ways to Maximize the Space During Your Galley Kitchen Makeover

When planning to renovate your narrow kitchen,
you will want to integrate elements that help you make the most of the space, such as:

Install Narrow Cabinets

You can maximize your walking space without impacting your work area by installing narrow cabinets on one side of your kitchen. Above those cabinets, put in open shelves that let you keep all the spices, tools, and other items that you use the most.

Get an Undermount Sink

Huge farmhouse sinks do not work well in these kitchens, so go with a smaller one instead. Beyond that, make sure it is an undermount model that will not take up any precious counterspace when installed.

Get Fancy with the Lighting

Installing bright white lighting can make your kitchen look bigger and provide the proper illumination for all of your tasks. Install lighting under cabinets, along the backsplash, and overhead to eliminate shadows and to keep the space looking its best.

Ready for Your Galley Kitchen Remodel?

We can help you design the perfect layout
and select all of the right finish materials, like quartz, marble, laminate, wood, and stainless steel.
Then, we can perform the renovations, install your appliances, and even help with decorating.
So, give us a call today for a free estimate!