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The bath remodel would not be complete without a shower remodel. The shower is one of the most functional, comforting elements in any bathroom. If your old shower is lacking or you still have an old bathtub with a lowly showerhead and ill-functioning doors, it may be time to consider reaching out to shower remodel contractors in Los Angeles for help. 

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Entrust Your Shower Remodel in Los Angeles to the Experts

When done properly, a shower renovation or shower replacement can drastically evolve the functionality and luxury appeal of your bathroom. Oasis Builders has extensive experience as bathroom remodel contractors. If you are ready for your shower remodel, reach out to us today to discuss your bathroom makeover ideas and find out about our free consultations in Los Angeles. Looking for inspiration for remodel shower ideas, take a look at our completed projects gallery! 

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Tub to Shower Remodel

Tub to shower conversion is easily one of the top types of home improvement requests for shower remodel contractors. A tub to shower remodel involves pulling out an old bathtub completely, and then contractors replace tub with shower components. This one change can lead to what looks to be a new bathroom because the shower is such a major focal point and functional aspect of the space. 

Shower Replacement

Shower replacement involves replacing the existing shower with a new design or setup. Showers have evolved from being a freestanding stall with awkward doors to being high-end spaces that offer a spa-like experience. You can always opt for a prefabricated shower stall for shower remodeling, but creating your own walk-in shower that you customize to your preferences can be a lot more rewarding. When you work with shower remodel contractors to design a shower from the ground up, you get the chance to choose: 

  • What top-quality tile patterns, colors, and materials you want to install
  • What size you want your shower to be 
  • Where you want additional features like in-wall shelving and added showerheads 
  • Which shower door options are most suitable 
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Bathroom Remodels

Roscomare Road,
Bel Air
Manitoba Street,
Playa Del Rey
Bathroom Remodel West Hollywood
N. Westbourne Drive,
West Hollywood
Tilden Avenue,
Los Angeles
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Client Testimonial David S.
David S.
General Remodeling

General Remodeling, Westlake Village

We were looking an energy efficient remodel that included air conditioning, new lighting, insulation and window replacement, a new electrical panel and were also considering solar. My main point of contact was Neev Kugel. I found im to be both very responsive to our needs and pragmatic in his approach. The scope grew to include a rewire based on needs dictated by living in an old house, though they also recommended to wait for solar before understanding the new energy dynamics post-improvements, which insured the investment was going to the most needed items. They went the extra mile to make sure we were satisfied with the work.
Client Testimonial Michelle M
Michelle M.
Bathroom remodeling

Master Bathroom Remodel, Studio City

Our Project Manager was Neev Kugel and he was absolutely phenomenal to work with. We couldn't be happier. So recently we decided to do a total remodel on our stairs too, so of course we called Neev. Once again, he was excellent to work with. Our stairs were done beautifully and as always the customer service and quality of work were all at the highest level. Just like our master bathroom remodel, our Project Manager Neev Kugel was always on top of the project from start to finish. We have received so many compliments on our new stairs. Thank you Neev!
Alexis Kavazanijan
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What can I update as part of a shower remodel?

You can choose to update a number of features, from the shower doors and plumbing fixtures to the shower tile, walls, and even the overhead lighting. Shower remodels can be as minimal or as extensive as you choose. Something as simple as remodeling shower doors can make a huge difference in some spaces. 

How long does it take to remodel a shower?

Every shower remodel is unique, so some can take longer than others. The duration from demolition to finish can vary depending on a number of factors, such as whether you need new shower floor tile, you are doing a bathtub to shower conversion, and even which shower remodel contractors you choose. For reference, design can take a few days, demolition can take a few days, and tile work can take a few days. A shower remodel may take anywhere from a week to a few weeks to complete.  

How do you modernize a shower?

Modernizing a shower is a matter of eliminating old elements and replacing those elements with something more updated. Faucets and knobs, surrounding shower tile, and even the shower doors or drain pan may need to be replaced. Likewise, if you have an old tub with a shower, tub-to-shower conversion can be the most modern shower remodeling solution. 

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